About Us

4 Paws Embroidery is owned by John and Ida Gooldy, who answer to their 3 Papillons:  Jazzy, a female tri-colored pap who is 15 1/2 years old, Cash, a male tri-colored pap who is 10 old, Pink a year old tri-colored Papillon and our newest addition Thriller a 1 year old tri-colored Papillon. The Papillons wanted to compete in dog sports and travel, so 4 Paws Embroidery evolved. We both still work our full-time jobs, but hope that in the future 4 Paws can be built into a full-time business for all 6 of us! Will be updating picture in the near future.

4 Paws Embroidery

1850 S Plaza
Springfield, MO 65804

417-300-7973 (John) or 417-300-7974 (Ida)

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